These TikTok Girls are TOXIC 2 🤡

15 авг 2020
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Here's my reaction or me reacting to these tiktok or tik tok girls and their toxic friend check on tiktok! This challenge is where guys boys or girls call out their toxic fake friendships by showing us lmao what do you think?

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  • Merch Store: *So are we like friends or?*

    Rebal DRebal DПре 3 месеца
    • yes your my dude

      pain painpain painПре 3 дана
    • Since you asked if I’ve ever had a toxic friend, the answer is YES. Basically, he and I were super close and I supported him thru his relationships. But I caught feelings and I didn’t want to catch feelings. He sort of caught on. He led me on and basically played me. But we were never together. We were just really close friends. But yeaaa. And he would tell other girls not to talk to me

      Venezia MarquezVenezia MarquezПре 6 дана
    • Yea

      MLRMLRПре 11 дана
    • No hunny no

      Sharxie_AriaSharxie_AriaПре 12 дана
    • No

      Serena KSerena KПре 14 дана
  • My toxic "friend" is literally my cousin and family gatherings are annoying af 😂

    The Impossible GirlThe Impossible GirlПре 51 минут
  • there’s always those girls who think you’re either out to get them or trying to copy them🤨

    Hope BrownHope BrownПре 5 сати
  • girls out here fighting over wearing the same dress ME and my bsf: you wanna wear a pink shirt tuesday with leggings and air forces!!! other girls: WTF brittnay that dress is pink and im wearing RED dont you know thats illegal CMON i- i- just think we cant be friends its for the best..

    Abby JohnsonAbby JohnsonПре 14 сати
  • "I know you got my back, and you know I got you." -Dua,GODDESS, Lipa💖💖💖

    Xochi RamirezXochi RamirezПре 2 дана
  • Y’all I’m late but I had a group of friends one time freshman year and this one girl who was like the main girl wrote a letter about how annoying I am and how they all hate me and then after I read it she PASSED IT AROUND THE TABLE AND THEY LAUGHED I- so yes this shit does happen🥺😖

    Your MomYour MomПре 2 дана
  • you look like how I imagine if Schmidt from New Girl would´ve ever had a child. Awesome! Always be you!

    MariaAndréeMariaAndréeПре 2 дана
  • I mean u would be surprised on the dumb reasons on y girls stop being freinds

    Paige SchultzPaige SchultzПре 3 дана
  • I- am so happy that I did not go to another vid cuz when u let that hair go- I let all the toxicness from the people who were my friends. Damn I want your hair

  • My ex bsf told me to kms so I tried went to the hospital for a week and came back to school and she acted like nothing happened 😂

    Annelise ClarkAnnelise ClarkПре 3 дана
  • my name is Dora hahahaha

    Dora AndjelkovicDora AndjelkovicПре 4 дана
  • Yea omg I get treated like that 🙄

    Alexis LittletonAlexis LittletonПре 4 дана
  • My ex best friend right there man

    Pixie_dust19Pixie_dust19Пре 4 дана
  • boyyyy how did people get the time to sit and list to person like this damn the patience .

    Korotoumou TraoreKorotoumou TraoreПре 4 дана
  • Dat muscles doe😍 why dfuck u still single luv♥

    Blacky JinxBlacky JinxПре 4 дана
  • Girls really are like this and it’s disgusting

    Grace CampbellGrace CampbellПре 4 дана
  • Toxic people are the real clowns😭💀

    BananawoopiesBananawoopiesПре 4 дана
  • Yes Rebal , people say such sh**t. That's y I can't get along with girls(especially toxic, I can sense it) most of the time, I have more male friends & they are gem. My female friends made me feel insecure many a times in past but now I've outgrown from such fake people.

    neha meenaneha meenaПре 4 дана
  • OMG So ive definitely been around groups of toxic people and separated myself from them. I have like 3 friends..It's so traumatic. Teenage girls are legit the meanest bullies. I was mean but I would NEVER treat people I considered friends like this damn it's so hard to watch.

    Key CartierKey CartierПре 5 дана
  • Rebal: We're friends right Also Rebal: Bitch you single

    Sophie bettsSophie bettsПре 5 дана
  • nah i"m an A 💅

  • so glad im done with high school geeez

    Mary NguyenMary NguyenПре 5 дана
  • 🙂😄Yeah actually there's people like that and I had these kind of friends from my childhood I didn't know what's going on untill 4 years ago lol too innocent aren't I but now...EY NO DAMN TOXIC PEOPLE WANT TO MESS WITH MEEE😂😂

    •Little Neko Story••Little Neko Story•Пре 6 дана
  • These are KARENS being reborn😂😂😂😂😂can someone show them to the friendship manager!!!

    Candice KirimaCandice KirimaПре 6 дана
  • LUCKY BOTH ME AND MY BESTIE LOOL LIKE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL POTATOES IN THE WORLD. AND I CANT WRITE WITH SMALL LETTERS CUZ SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH NMY KEYBOARD Edit: okay I fixed it and what I wanted to say was: "lucky that both me and my bestie look like the most beautiful potatoes in the world haha"

    nika nikanika nikaПре 6 дана
  • Luckily I cut off evrery toxic or immature friend. Which then had the nerve to call me toxic or immature because I told them the truth about them. I'm better off alone.

    Agata AbbaAgata AbbaПре 6 дана
  • Those people are just an average toxic I can tell that there's much more and worst than them

    Rige YanongRige YanongПре 7 дана
  • your hair be lookin FINEE you be FISHIN'

    JackyJackyПре 7 дана
  • I had a girl go off on me for taking a picture of myself cuz I thought I looked cute for once. I started laughing like crazy and got up and left

    Angelina ZinkAngelina ZinkПре 8 дана
  • Ahahah love your energy, and how u say "bIiiiiittttCCccHHhh"

    Kayla TruterKayla TruterПре 8 дана
  • One of my toxic friends told me that I just cut them off from my life. Like seriously? I just like didn't talk to them for a month and they came to me. And I was like, "We didn't talk for weeks, I think I am capable of my survival without you, sis." I learnt to love myself more.

    Mahi HasijaMahi HasijaПре 8 дана
  • this was made on my birthday :D

    Maximilian McGowanMaximilian McGowanПре 8 дана
  • these CANNOT be real, lmfao

    SuJu_MimiSuJu_MimiПре 8 дана
  • Rebal: are these real? please tell me these aren't real Me: clearly never been friends with girls on highschool

    LyviLeeLyviLeeПре 9 дана
  • Y’all, my ex and I are friends and his new gf started being friends with me and she’s super nice and all, so he threw a tantrum bc his gf can’t be friends with me bc im his friend like 😀???

    Breathing LungMilkBreathing LungMilkПре 9 дана
  • I wouldn't be surprised if these were real. My BFF when I was 14 would tell me how much she loved me and I saved her life and blah blah blah but then when I saw her at a church get together (Yes it was a CHURCH get together) she completely ignored me and I tried to ask why and she said I just wasn't popular enough and I was pretty much an embarrassment in her other circle of friends but then the next week she'd be back to acting like we were BFFs again. I also was really shy and had a crush on my neighbor and she came over just to tell me she wanted to go hang out with him pretty much and when I tried to stand up for myself she cussed me out and called her mom to take her home haha I also not too long ago was playing a little farming game on android where you can join a group and help each other out and I was using my FB pic at the time because it was a FB game which was just a picture of me in a hello kitty tanktop and was not revealing at all but when this younger guy said I looked cute in my itty bitty pic you can barely even see in the game one of the group leaders called me a whore and said this wasn't a dating app and kicked me from the group. And there are more stories like this. So yes I think some of these are absolutely real 😂😂😂😂😂 people be crazy sometimes

    Emily SommerEmily SommerПре 9 дана
  • 11:40 - 11:50 My best friend of 5 years is dating my ex I was nice enough to support her and stuff :,)

    x lopezx lopezПре 10 дана
  • Rebal could you explain why you hate your hair so much :c? The curls are so incredibly beautiful omg

    SjivjeSjivjeПре 10 дана
  • Rebal has this one hair.. it's DISTRACTION!!🤦‍♀️

    KaynahahahaKaynahahahaПре 11 дана
  • Is this Disney channel

    Just RockyJust RockyПре 11 дана
  • I had this toxic friend and the school actually called my parents to drive me home cause they were scared for my safety cause she lied to her parents about me so her mum threatened to beat me up

    BlackSniper13BlackSniper13Пре 11 дана
  • So, I had this one "friend" who was really not that nice. We were best friends 5-7 years, yeah and I had severe social anxiety (I mean I still have social anxiety--) and I was dependent to her because I was a loser, obviously. And y'know she was polular. We had a fight because I was being moody. I was really salty that day because some a--holes emptied my bag in the front of the classroom. I was just tired of socializing, its not like I was mean about it though! I just told her I needed a break from social media. She told me that I was the worst friend ever because I "wasn't ever there for her." And told me those 5-7 years of being my friend were a waste of her time. She told me I was a worthless piece of sh-t and told me to get out of her life.

    Moè TokimiyoMoè TokimiyoПре 11 дана
  • How are people not happy for thier friends that look good? Lol one of my best friends is an exotic dancer and has the body of a runway model and I treat her more like a human doll 😂. I'm a size 6, the biggest ive ever been so far and being around her doesnt make me jealous. I do feel bad on my own sometimes but never in comparison to friends. 🤷 And the dating exes thing, we must be so weird because we have done that more than a few times with zero problems. If she married my ex husband, I would be happy that i know and trust my daughters new step mom. But id warn her that hes not a good guy lol

    K RK RПре 12 дана
  • 13:04 wth how did you know 😂

    WennyWennyПре 13 дана
  • I moved for high school and my "friend" at my old school doesn't want me to have new friends because she wants to be "the only one" But I did get a new friend and we get along like, we toight o3o and she found out that I made a new friend and she got jealous to the point she guilt-trips me whenever I talk to my new friend saying how she wasn't important anymore, that I don't have time for her anymore and other complete bullcrap

    I'm Pan so I'm In Love With PansI'm Pan so I'm In Love With PansПре 13 дана
  • so I'm going to tell my story of when I had a toxic friend, so I had a friend, we will call her Jenessa (That's not her real name) and she basically hit me every day and would hurt me physically as if it were funny and sometimes I'd get marks (this was middle school btw) and overall I was not in a great place so I confronted her and she said I did things to her so she did it as self-defense but mind you SHE HIT ME FIRST, she was taller and stronger than me so I never hit her unless she hit me which, I didn't even do often because I was scared, eventually I cut her off and I will never face her again, please if you have toxic friends DROP THEM they aren't worth it, I'd rather walk the schools crowded halls alone than be around her...

    Its SunniIts SunniПре 13 дана
  • Rebal curl your eyelashes or else

    Serena KSerena KПре 14 дана
  • 😂😂😂😂😂

    marcela Jacksonmarcela JacksonПре 15 дана
    • 😂 LOL

      marcela Jacksonmarcela JacksonПре 15 дана
  • There are many girls like this. They are an impossible species to understand.

    Bee ABee AПре 15 дана
  • Snip it 💅🏻

    Staceface45Staceface45Пре 15 дана
  • My ex-bestfriend dared my boyfriend to break up with me!

    Isabell EngebrethsenIsabell EngebrethsenПре 15 дана
  • I just started watching his videos.. I already feel like I have a real friend for once

    NeathendbossNeathendbossПре 15 дана
  • As a human, we don't claim these people ❤️

    Millenia Is GayMillenia Is GayПре 15 дана
  • "you just broke rule number one" Lol rebal knows it better than the girl

    p i x e l d r e a m sp i x e l d r e a m sПре 15 дана
  • This is why I'm most of my friends are boys like all the boys in my class and there's one thing they love to do pretends to be friends with the toxic girl in my class I don't even know why I was friends with her I knew in the first place that she's plastic ( I don't know what was I thinking that 😂) but gladly she moved and she's in america now, now I feel bad for the girls that are getting used by her 😔

    Blueberry牛乳Blueberry牛乳Пре 15 дана
  • Bro wtf. Being insecure isn’t an excuse to be toxic. Like I’m insecure but I chose to just encourage others because I don’t want people to feel the same way I do. Honestly, I feel like being kind to others and making them smile makes me feel happy and valuable even though I’m insecure about myself. It just makes me feel like I’m worth something when I manage to make someone’s day better☺️

    I’m Dead InsideI’m Dead InsideПре 16 дана
  • The girl who can't stand the fact that her friend talks to her boyfriend (the ex of the friend) and laughs about his jokes, why does she invite them both at the same time ? And if her boyfriend and her live together, why does she invite her friend when he is around ?

    Giliane GouthGiliane GouthПре 16 дана
  • I don't want to believe that humans are toxic enough to act like this an say these things. If these are real these girls could actually resort to killing

    Sharon EniyeSharon EniyeПре 16 дана
  • 9:13 can we find this guy and make him our friend because that genuinely made my want to cry 🥺

    The Only Joke Here Is MeThe Only Joke Here Is MeПре 16 дана
  • i feel attacked,, literally doing the picture thing with my guy friends like ANYTIME ANYWHERE. but it's so fun :(((

    Helaena Renee PidlaoanHelaena Renee PidlaoanПре 16 дана
  • i remember when i was felt unwanted by my ex friends and i was right and they made it known and now i only have one bsf and one friend who apologized about how she treated me

    KK VibesKK VibesПре 17 дана
  • Harsh words hurt the most when it came from the people you care about... This is the reason why my friend and I settle stuff with wrestling matches.haha [Jen, I think this is why we never fight... Let's just stick with the weird hobbies we have, okay? Love ya!]

    Sai TrishiaSai TrishiaПре 17 дана
  • The third D is a donut.

    Sagi's DoodleverseSagi's DoodleverseПре 18 дана
  • Yes people treat each other like this, the amount of bs that I've had to drop kick would make me rich. How to deal with toxic people: Don't. just leave them.

    Silver ValkyrieSilver ValkyrieПре 18 дана
  • I literally started to cry because when the girl started yell at the guy that so mean!!!

    Natalie GraffNatalie GraffПре 18 дана
  • "just let him go.........SO I CAN FEAST!!!" sir i- 💀

    Maariya SuhailMaariya SuhailПре 18 дана
  • so i have a toxic friend and she got mad at me for being friends with a boy she liked and for going out with her ex that she cheated on

    Paige LudlowPaige LudlowПре 18 дана
  • reminds me of all of my school years even in college. (k-12 to third year in college,)

    Klaudya JacobsKlaudya JacobsПре 18 дана
  • Rebal just has the most beautiful and healthy hair!

    Sarah CloudswhiteSarah CloudswhiteПре 19 дана
  • I thought u said " Remember Un-bully-cal cord"😅😅

    Distraction! SUPDistraction! SUPПре 20 дана
  • "have a bad rep when i rearrange ur face." HAHAHHAAH

    Bella LopezBella LopezПре 23 дана
  • Sometimes I get Lucas vibes then other times he sounds like Brad mondo idk he sounds familiar

    Mia UnverzagtMia UnverzagtПре 23 дана
  • Yeah ppl are kinda horrible lately 💀it’s crazy .don’t get me wrong I’m not perfect,but I just had conversations on insta where some ppl are saying it’s ok to catfish snoop dog because it’s snoop dog and who cares 🙂

    桃さん桃さんПре 23 дана
  • Ik heb gezegd tegen vriendin wie mijn crus is en een paar dagen later is zij met mijn crus mijn hart was gebroken

    Tamara SchepersTamara SchepersПре 23 дана
  • my ex bsf told me that she hated me and wished i was dead, a few months later she told me to kill myself and the most recent friend i cut off could have blinded me, she also told me she was planning on pushing me of a cliff that would have at LEAST broken a bone if she did

    book lover 057book lover 057Пре 23 дана
  • I feel so bad for that one dude

    Rat broRat broПре 23 дана
  • you be looking like adam driver in the end 😂

    Sorrowful SageSorrowful SageПре 23 дана
  • Im starting to get offended for the single ladies, rebal making fun KNOWING he could have any of us girls is he wanted ;) Lol I'm kidding.. (About being offended!) Lol

    Kate williamsKate williamsПре 25 дана
  • They turn out to be the Karens :)

    Juana Jose 241-2comdJuana Jose 241-2comdПре 25 дана
  • did you know that if you bite your lips you can not breathe? Did you really know that? I did not tell you to do it but now that you did I can tell you that you look very beautiful

    Mɪᴀ MᴄDᴀᴇMɪᴀ MᴄDᴀᴇПре 25 дана
  • One of my closest female friends asked me out when we had comfortably talked about our sexuality throughout the years of friendship, she knew - and I reiterated - that I am straight, then she started pulling the ‘I’m sorry I’m not good enough’ card, then saying she asked me out bc no guy would ever want a girl who ‘looks like a freak’, she was referring to my physical masculinity paired with my very emotional and caring personality. She then went on a 10 minute rant about how I should give up on ‘trying to be straight when I look like this’. Glad I don’t really talk to her but I’m not going to be rude towards her, still stings and her comments still haunt me a bit. I do fear that my masculinity will ‘off-put’ guys, she said ‘a femme guy would never even consider me as a *contender* ‘

    wabbajack wabbajack wabbajackwabbajack wabbajack wabbajackПре 26 дана
  • I was dating a guy & he cheated on me.. because he started to dating my close friends .. I didn't even know he was dating my friend😒🤣 she said that he dates her in front my face and asked me to promise to tell nobody😪.. this is the worst & toxic friendship I've ever been

    Akiraa TelesaAkiraa TelesaПре 26 дана
  • When you realize what is the meaning of toxic friend... Not someone who just tease you badly...

    Sian ChizSian ChizПре 27 дана
  • sometimes bitches be mad lol

    EriaEriaПре 28 дана
  • Jesus who needs enemies with friends like that

    Marina AzoresMarina AzoresПре 29 дана
  • Homie has Nick Jonas hair 🥰😍

    Chantel LopezChantel LopezПре 29 дана
  • Told my best friend I was pregnant and her response was “wow. Congrats”.... needless to say we ain’t friends no mo lmao #freeofthetoxicenergy

    Chantel LopezChantel LopezПре 29 дана
  • Okej I don’t understand people my best friend Is dating my ex and I date her’s

    Jessica KrawJessica KrawПре месец
  • 8:47 other side of his face reveal lol

    Sugoi HtkSugoi HtkПре месец
  • I just gotta say: Thats on being friends with a straight white girl

    ღ ʟᴜɴᴀᴛɪᴄᴀɢᴜsᴛ_ᴅ ღღ ʟᴜɴᴀᴛɪᴄᴀɢᴜsᴛ_ᴅ ღПре месец
  • I'm adding on to the comment I made on the first video. My friend straight up told me I was trying to outshine her on her birthday. We went dress shopping together. I found a dress I liked and she saw it, fell in love, so I gave it to her. She picked out my dress. I asked to take her get her nails done and I will pay for it. She turned me down, so I went alone. Now I'm not much of a partier. I like meeting people, but I don't like dancing. We went to a club for her birthday. I wore the dress she picked out and she wore the one I orginally picked out. Now, like I said I don't dance. So, I held everyone's coat and watched their purses as they danced. She called me the next day shouting at me and said I tried outshining her. I was like, I wrote the dress you wanted me to, I held your coats and purses, and was off to the side, yet, I was trying to outshine you? Okay then.

    Sherry LuuSherry LuuПре месец
  • Friends come and go and if they hating on you cuz you have something going for yourself bye felisha keep hating😂😂😂😜

    ElizabethElizabethПре месец
  • 😂😂😂haters

    ElizabethElizabethПре месец
  • and this is why i only have guy friends

    lilpeep2017lilpeep2017Пре месец
  • Okay but even distance can't break me and my soulmate up. The only thing that can break our friendship apart is death and that's on periodt

    bangtan shookyeontanbangtan shookyeontanПре месец
  • I don’t but my brother has. If I tell him the his frnds are, he yells at me!!

    Shahnaz AkterShahnaz AkterПре месец
  • I have lot of friends but every single one is fake. 😁

    Sudheer .B.KSudheer .B.KПре месец
  • Once my friend told me I was just a plus one for a week.

    strangerstrangerПре месец
  • Drop em like they’re hot,cause they seem to think So 😂

    Tiana HinksTiana HinksПре месец
  • The soon-to-be Karens or the young Karens 😂😂😂

    Princess JhieaPrincess JhieaПре месец